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Low-End Elevators
priced from $ 13K - $ 17K

Low end elevators are more about function than form. They are much simpler and do not have as many available options as their more expensive counterparts. The weight capacity ranges from 450 to 500 lbs and they are slightly smaller and have shorter cab heights. They are a little noisier and the ride is not quite as smooth. However, they are very reliable, in part due to their simplicity.

When considering an elevator, there are two parts to the project pricing. First consider the price of the elevator. The second cost consideration in an elevator project is the cost of preparing for the elevator. This work can either be performed by your favorite contractor or we can have the work performed as part of your contract. Be sure to consider both parts of this cost equation before proceeding with your decision to include an elevator in your home.

Since these low-end elevators do not require a pit or 220V power, it is less expensive to prepare for them. We typically see construction costs that allow the entire project, including the elevator,
to be completed for around $ 20,000.

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